Most of us have had the experience of hosting a few friends for dinner and then at the dinner table, the conversation wanders and isn’t focused on anything in particular. This is fine and by far the way people generally socialize at such dinners.

BUT – while we enjoyed such dinner engagements, we wondered what it would be like to host a dinner or a cocktail party where there was a specific topic to be discussed. Such topics might be in the area of the arts, politics, science, health care, and the like–in general, issues of concern.

So we began to do this. We started with salons in science, then health care, then other things such as wine tasting and the arts–even nuclear submarine operations in the cold war. These events or “salons,” as they began to be called, were fun and highly successful.

You can look at some of the featured areas of focus on this site — there will be more.

Our salons are by invitation only, and we limit the attendance to about forty people. If you are interested in finding out more about these salons or might want to attend, please contact us by using the contact form on this site.

Depending on the requirements of your server, the contact form may not work. In this case, send an e-mail directly to the following address:


Dr. Nancy Church & Charles Jett