Super Nuke! – Cold War Nuclear Submarine Operations

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“Super Nuke!” describes what once was a carefully guarded secret — one of the most highly sophisticated, powerful and effective war machines ever designed by man–the first operational nuclear fast attack submarine specifically designed to “go up close and personal” against the Soviet Union in the Cold War —the “Super Nuke.”

The book takes you on entertaining journey about what it takes to become a nuclear qualified submarine officer, the meticulous detail in building the Super Nuke, the first three super secret “special operations,” and the successful efforts to communicate and share the lessons learned by this “Super Nuke” with the entire US Naval submarine force toward the collective effort of winning the Cold War.

This is a first hand and eyewitness account of the highly classified and spooky world of the nuclear fast attack submarine–largely invisible to the general public throughout the Cold War.  It should serve to motivate young people to consider the nuclear navy as a career, to share some of the lighter and darker moments in the history of nuclear submarines, and to properly credit the significant contributions of an amazing commanding officer as well as the highly competent officers and crew who quietly and effectively served their country with  honor and dignity.

Super Nuke is not a “tell all.”  In fact, it has been cleared for publication by the United States Navy to share a story about service and contributions of a combination of money well spent and individual competence of the highest caliber.  Put simply and not so modestly, the US Naval nuclear submarine force–both ballistic missile and fast attack submarines–quietly won the Cold War!