Critical Skills and The Doom Loop

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Today, it’s harder than ever to compete in a more competitive job market. It’s harder to get ahead, and it’s harder to keep up with rapidly changing technology. So what’s the secret to success in our careers? How do we or our children become productive and thriving citizens in a modern democratic society?


“WANTED: Eight Critical Skills You Need To Succeed” outlines the critical skills essential for success in a career as well as in everyday living – skills not typically taught directly in high school or college. Designed for those who want to advance in specific careers, for students, and for those who seek personal advancement, this easy-to-follow guide clearly defines and shows us how to develop critical thinking, communication, production, information, analysis, interpersonal, time management, and continued education skills.

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Nearly everyone faces crises over the course of a career. The Doom Loop identifies the seven common crises that nearly everyone faces at some point, and suggests actions both employees and employers can take to overcome them.

The practical, actionable tools in this book are ideal for: • Anyone experiencing boredom on the job;

• Coaches, recruiters and job counselors;

• Businesses/organizations seeking to improve productivity, job satisfaction and employee retention;

• Individuals in career crisis;

• People in need of a personal career strategy;

• Anyone interested in better managing his or her own career to achieve advancement.

Created by author Charles Cranston Jett more than 30 years ago, The Doom Loop is a deceptively simple matrix tool that helps workers anticipate, address and resolve problems relating to frustration and boredom on the job. This simple and powerful tool has endured expanding and contracting economies and still helps those in the workplace identify and address many career crises, make good tactical career decisions, recruit the “right candidates” and improve worker productivity. No matter the industry, career stage, level or role, readers will immediately gravitate to The Doom Loop’s simple power, and potential to help predict and conquer inevitable career crises.