Innovation and Diversity in a Time of Disruption – A Discussion with Christie Hefner and Dennis Chookaszian – Saturday, March 7, 2020

Christie Hefner and Dennis Chookaszian

We live in a time when the need for innovative thinking is seen as almost an imperative.  There is talk of disruption, particularly by technology, in almost every kind of business.  At the same time, companies are being pressured to do more than just deliver on earnings, but to also be responsive to broader concerns including a call for greater diversity in the board room and the executive suite.

What at first blush might appear to be two different challenges facing organizations, may in fact be linked:  the one a critical component of a solution for the other.  What if instead of diversity being ‘a nice thing to do’ or even ‘the right thing to do,’ it’s a necessity for innovative thinking? 

Join us on Saturday, March 7,  to engage in a conversation together, and with you, about what all of this might mean with:

  • The longest serving female Chairman/CEO of a publicly traded company and co-founder of The Chicago Network, The Committee of 200 and the Chicago Chapter of Women Corporate Directors, Christie Hefner, and
  • The creator of the governance program at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business and experienced director Dennis Chookaszian,

We look forward to this informative and fun salon!