A Taste of Opera LIVE!

Patrice Michaels, Justice RBG & Evan Bravos

On Saturday, May 30, we hosted opera singers Patrice Michaels and Evan Bravos for “A Taste of Opera LIVE!” This is a prelude to our upcoming October 24 salon, “The Notorious RBG in Song!”

This was the first of our “virtual salons” – graciously given to us by the COVID-19 “stay at home” policy. So – we “stayed at home” and connected with our guests and guests from all over the nation.

There were a few technical difficulties – it took us about five minutes to go live (and I take the responsibility for those difficulties!).

You can view the recording of the salon by clicking HERE!!

Big Shoulders “Chamber Jam” a Hit!

On Monday evening, December 5, the Big Shoulders Ensemble joined enthusiastic guests with a delightful “chamber jam!”

Musicians traded off as they filled the evening with works of Mozart, Wagner, and others – playing together unrehearsed for the first time and filling the room with chamber music – the “way it was originally conceived.”

As the philosopher Goethe explained, chamber music is an “Intelligent conversation” – and the musicians of the Big Shoulders ensemble proved his point completely!

The ensemble WILL BE BACK in the spring – so stay tuned!!

Captain Charlie Plumb Shares Stories and Lessons Learned from Six Years in the Hanoi Hilton

Nancy and Charlie were thrilled to host USNA Classmate Captain Charlie Plumb as he discussed in detail the lessons he learned from spending six years in the Hanoi Hilton during the Viet Nam war. You can listen to some of his remarks by clicking HERE.