Music with Ruth, Marty and the Ginsburg Family!

What a wonderful time with Patrice Michaels, Jim Ginsburg & Evan Bravos as they reminisced about Ruth and Marty Ginsburg’s mutual love of music!

You can watch the video of the entire program by clicking HERE!

Ruth and Marty Ginsburg were notorious music lovers.  They raised their two children, Jane and James, to love opera, symphonic and chamber works (ballet didn’t take for James, but it’s a funny story). 

Now a Chicagoan, and President of Cedille Records NFP, James will joined his wife, Patrice Michaels, composer and soprano, and baritone Evan Bravos in an intimate setting to reminisce and talk about life and music in the Ginsburg household.  Family photos, infamous anecdotes and musical treasures were shared!