Elly Toyoda and Friends – Saturday, November 21, 2020

On Saturday, November 21, 2020, we hosted Dr. Elly Toyoda, a world-class violinist, and her artist/composer friends for a fun salon of music and discussion.

The program was streamed LIVE on Facebook and YouTube – although we had some difficulties with the YouTube stream and resorted to inviting participants into the zoom room. We will do that in the future so they can participate in Q/A if they desire.

The artists and composers who will joined Dr. Toyoda are as follows:

  • ·      Martin Bresnick – Composer
  • ·      Cherylyn Lavagnino – Contemporary Dancer
  • ·      Scott Ordway – Composer
  • ·      Sabina Petra – Actor, singer, composer, writer
  • ·     Matthew Duvall – Percussionist and co-founder of Eighth Blackbird

You can view the entire event by clicking HERE. The actual event starts at approximately 3:50 into the video. Enjoy!

A Taste of Opera LIVE!

Patrice Michaels, Justice RBG & Evan Bravos

On Saturday, May 30, we hosted opera singers Patrice Michaels and Evan Bravos for “A Taste of Opera LIVE!” This is a prelude to our upcoming October 24 salon, “The Notorious RBG in Song!”

This was the first of our “virtual salons” – graciously given to us by the COVID-19 “stay at home” policy. So – we “stayed at home” and connected with our guests and guests from all over the nation.

There were a few technical difficulties – it took us about five minutes to go live (and I take the responsibility for those difficulties!).

You can view the recording of the salon by clicking HERE!!

Big Shoulders “Chamber Jam” a Hit!

On Monday evening, December 5, the Big Shoulders Ensemble joined enthusiastic guests with a delightful “chamber jam!”

Musicians traded off as they filled the evening with works of Mozart, Wagner, and others – playing together unrehearsed for the first time and filling the room with chamber music – the “way it was originally conceived.”

As the philosopher Goethe explained, chamber music is an “Intelligent conversation” – and the musicians of the Big Shoulders ensemble proved his point completely!

The ensemble WILL BE BACK in the spring – so stay tuned!!